computer vision technology
How it Works

Facial Expressions

Sension builds on the state of the art in face tracking to locate up to 100 landmarks in a user's face.

Sension machine learns what it means to be engaged across the internal shape parameters of the face, giving us super accurate user engagement scores and analytical insights into the content users are interacting with in real-time.

Gaze Tracking

Combining our state of the art pupil tracking with 3D pose information extracted from our face tracker results in gaze tracking, allowing us to determine what quadrant of a screen a user is looking at.

Optimized all the Way

Sension is not hardware dependent. Our light framework is optimized to work equally well across all platforms, allowing us to work with any low-resolution, monocular webcam on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices with equal performance (comparable to watching a video or playing a game).

We constantly rewrite everything in OpenGL shaders to make it even smoother.

Sension now part of GAIA
We're excited to announce that Sension has been acquired by Japan based GAIA Systems. Sension, as part of GAIA, will continue to develop our education engagement technology solutions with all our current and new customers. And stay tuned for some exciting new products!

The Autism Glass project will continue clinical trials and development at Stanford University's School of Medicine in collaboration with the Wall Lab and the Human Computer Interaction group. Catalin Voss and Nick Haber will continue to lead this research.