hi, we're sension.

Making the world more interactive. One experience at a time.

About Us

Sension started from our passion for education and our goal to give every student in the world a unique, one-on-one learning experience. We wanted to replicate the live experience of a teacher reacting to a confused student in the classroom. Through our initial attempts to create such a personalized experience, we quickly realized that consuming web content is currently a broken, one-way static experience.

Fast forward six months, Sension is now changing the way all content is being consumed. Using research level computer vision technology, we turn webcams into a visual interface for interacting with content. In this way, the webcam is the next evolution of the interface after the mouse and touchscreen.

We aren’t just an interface in the digital world either. With the advent of Google Glass, we are applying our real-time emotion and face recognition technology to treat autism and Alzheimer’s.

With the support of our customers, advisers, and partners, Sension is committed to building truly great, innovative technologies to better the user experience.