no video ever leaves the device through sension.

Processing happens on the user device. Data stays on the user device.

Privacy Policy

Sension's mission is to make stuff interactive. We build technology to make the interface between the real world and the virtual world a more enjoyable, interactive experience through the use of sensors, called webcams. We recognize that with such a powerful tool, this technology can be abused. That's why we build our business around privacy. We make these commitments:

  1. No data is tied to an individual user. If we aggregate engagement data to improve content, we do this across users with anonymized records.
  2. Every partnership we make and application we build has to provide direct, positive value to the end user. There's no tracking for the pure sake of tracking.
  3. Unless the business use case and end user disclaimer is explicitly clear, i.e. students taking and consenting to a proctored exam, we never record or stream video anywhere, and further we compute everything locally on the user's own device so that no video will ever leave the end user's device.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We’d be glad to talk.